Accelerate Nutrition Innovation

How much time should you bring?

This is a 10-week programme with 2 hours of meetings per week as well as 5 hours of working time per week

What benefits does this workshop bring?

• You will better understand your beneficiaries
• You will develop and implement human-centered ideas within your organization together with your beneficiaries
• You give your beneficiaries a sense of empowerment
• You will learn the tools to be an intrapreneur and know how to innovate nutrition within your organization
• You will join our network, have access to our methods and a link to nutrition innovators around the globe

• You receive mentoring and additional skills-based courses as needed

What will you do?

• You will get a change to work closely with your beneficiaries on a whole new level
• You will be the "hands & feet" on the ground, enabling your group
• You will travel through a customized journey, either online with live workshops or offline with pre-recorded videos, digital and printable worksheets, and detailled programme instructions

What does this offer include?

• Prior consultation call with our team

• Detailed plan fitting your schedule
• Customized Miro board with our templates for digital collaboration and all handouts to print
• One or two trainers from our team to facilitate the workshops and guide you through the programme
• Flexibility and customization possibilities to meet your needs

How much does it cost?

It costs 2,000 EUR per person, with scholarship options for beneficiaries and group discounts


How is the workshop structured?

*Adaptable to your needs


Weeks 1 - 2: Intro & Challenges

  • Introduction to nutrition innovation

  • Selection & understanding of nutrition-related challenges

  • Building teams of beneficiaries & employees

  • Mapping the system of the selected challenges, evaluating root causes and influential actors

Weeks 3 - 4: Ideation

  • Definition of team's vision and mission

  • Understanding the target group by using a storytelling approach and creating a persona

  • Reframing to map opportunities for innovation

  • Idea generation by using a combination of three methods: letter orientation, place mat method and possibility orientation

  • Growing the idea by using the business model canvas


Weeks 5 - 7: Research & Prototyping

  • Introduction to digital and paper prototyping

  • Prototyping of the ideas

  • Field research, including interviews, surveys, etc.

  • Testing assumptions and reframing

  • Sharing all ideas as a pitch presentation with the group and interested colleagues

  • Development of action plan for implementation

Weeks 8 - 10: Idea Networking, Nutrition Innovation & Implementation

  • Introduction of innovative projects in the nutrition sector (by video message or live call)

  • Introduction to intrapreneurship

  • Idea networking session

  • Nutrition session, preparing healthy food together

  • Development of a Theory of Change

  • Implementation of the idea and development of a roadmap


Throughout the Programme

  • Individual support

  • Mentoring

  • Personal leadership development

  • Weekly group meeting

  • Weekly assignments to take your idea to the next level

  • Networking with fellow nutrition innovators